Sculpture Instructor

Cody Joseph Swanson is a practicing artist and instructor currently residing in Florence,Italy with his wife and four children. He holds an M.A. in Liturgy, Sacred Art and Architecture from the European University in Rome, and studied sculpture in the three year certificate program of the Florence Academy of Art, where he continued to teach for five years.

Swanson’s numerous and award winning work can be found all over the world; some noteworthy examples include Saint Michael in New Orleans LA, the doors of the National Shrine of Mary at Holy Hill, WI, over 20 sculptures for Saint Joseph Cathedral, Sioux Falls, SD, a processional cross for the Duomo of Florence, Italy, Saint Emygdius in the Cathedral of Foligno, Italy and a marble Madonna and Child for Campus Bio-medico of Rome, Italy. Most recently, he has completed a marble and granite crucifix for the Carmelite Monastery of Traverse City, Michigan, marking his fourth collaboration with the acclaimed architect Duncan

G. Stroik.

Tremendous love for classical art and architecture, and extensive practical experience have formed Swanson’s methods of design and composition, while commissions, gallery representation, and teaching positions have shown his ability to concert successfully with others and aptly organize budgets, timetables, and curricula.

As an instructor in the Sacred Art School of Florence, Swanson provides anintensive program with individual critiques, designed to achieve self-sufficiency in reflective evaluation of ones own work, while motivating toward personal accomplishment.