Giorgio Fozzati & Mons. Timothy Verdon

The course aims at addressing the great Christian-related themes to give the students the basic tools to understand the birth and evolution of the art lived in the faith.

There are terms that we must learn to understand their specific meanings otherwise we run the risk of confusing plans and subjects.
When do we say CHURCH what do we mean? Is the Church a material building, made of stones and stucco? Is it an institution? Is this a story? Peter is the first stone, but Christ is the living Stone.
Terrasanta is not a museum, nor is it an archaeological park. Going into the Holy Land means entering into the time of God, who is always present. Every day in Bethlehem is Christmas.

We need to know the foundations, the history, the traditions: if we do not know these aspects we will not be able to innovate, as we have been told endless times. Draw on the “depositum fidei”, on the treasure of the holiness of the Church. But the Church made many mistakes. Men made many mistakes, and this is reassuring, it comforts us during this life journey that each of us has undertaken. Because it means that we can do it, too, with our mistakes, sins and miseries. Think about what a perfect Church would be: unreachable, cold, glacial.


Introductory lesson

Giorgio Fozzati

Giorgio Fozzati