Goldsmith Instructor

At the Sacred Art School, Francesco Paganini teaches techniques goldsmith during the sacred gold specialization in art history course in crafts and religious art and he is in charge of internships and relationships with artisan businesses. He is authorized teacher of Rhinoceros 3D CAD software (© Mc Neel), always at the Sacred Art School – Florence. He taught for many years goldsmith techniques and other disciplines related jewelery at the Centro ELIS in Rome. He has worked as a silversmith and engraver manufacturer with Milan and Rome Companies (Mazzetti, Gioia, Vitali). He has realized in own and realizes now for the Sacred Art School – Florence sacred gold for various clients. For this reason, in 2018 he created the individual company Paganini Arredi sacri, of which he is the owner. Son of a famous painter from Milan who has worked for many years in sacred goldsmith producing masterpieces in focus and cantilevered enamel, she has assimilated the art and technique that make up a rich background of his works. Degree in art history, as well as teaching dedicated to the promotion of artistic culture at some cultural associations and the publication of contributions to the goldsmith’s history.