Lecturer in Entrepreneurship for Artists and Craftsmen

Lecturer in the development of artisan and artistic enterprises, he graduated in law from the State University of Milan and over the years has always been involved in training at different levels. He is a freelance journalist and has held positions in Italian institutions and foundations in the education sector. He is an expert in fundraising, institutional relations and communication. He has held seminars on business ethics at the University of Florence. Co-founder and former director (2013-2020) of the Sacred Art School.

Art and Christianity Program
Seminars on Sacred Art

This series of lectures aims to provide students with the cognitive tools to get to the heart of Christian life, far from stereotypes, by exploring some of the issues most closely related to figurative art.

1. Sacred art and Religious art.

2. Creation. The creative act. The artist: co-creator of Beauty.

3. The historicity of the Gospels: the birth of Christ. The Comet Star.

4. The historicity of the Gospels: the death of Christ and his Resurrection

5. The great orders: St. Benedict (480), St. Dominic (1170), St. Francis (1181) (3 hours)

6. The sanctuaries: places of worship, welcome, protection against heresies.

7. The Saints of the 20th Century: Maximilian Kolbe; Piergiorgio Frassati; Gianna Beretta Molla; Maria Goretti; Giuseppe Tovini. (2 hours)

8. Death, judgment, hell, purgatory and paradise: the representations in art.

9. Heresies: Adoptionism; Arianism; Docetism; Agnosticism; Catharism; Fideism; Modernism, the iconoclasts; nestorianism; pelagianism; new age; pantheism; (3 hours)

10. The original sin. Sins: enmity with God. Mercy.

11. Animals in the Bible.

12. The Eucharist: transubstantiation, real presence, communion.

13. Simulacra: the Holy Shroud. The Sacred face of Manoppello; the veil of Veronica.

14. Angels and demons.

15. The miracle.

Recommended bibliography:

– letter of St. John Paul to the artists

– Joseph Ratzinger: Jesus of Nazareth

– Paolo Rumiz: “The infinite thread”

– Ratzinger: The Spirit of the Liturgy

Artistic Entrepreneurship Program

Academic Year 2019/20
The course consists of theoretical lessons and practical exercises.
A first field of practice will be the collective exhibition, entitled “Maternity”, showcasing the works of students, former students and teachers which will take place in May 2020 at the Spedale degli Innocenti. There will be some sessions dedicated to furthering the artistic theme and others dedicated to the logistical preparation of the exhibition.
From April 24th to May 1st we will participate, as an educational module, in the 84th FLORENCE INTERNATIONAL ARTISAN FAIR at the Fortezza da Basso. The practical exercise will consist in the preparation of the sample book, design and construction of the stand, market research and presence at the stand during the days of the exhibition.
With these two modules students will have the opportunity to work at promoting their works and understand the different mechanisms required to participate in these fairs.
In the academic year 2018/19 we invited some testimonials who told about their work: Andrea Galluzzo (experience on Eastern markets), Mario Curia (art catalogs), Domenico Trombino (Single Desk of Productive Activities of the City of Florence), Agnese Shomefun (Koinè Fair), Armanda Gori (Galleria Gori), Gianmarco Barluzzi (web design and social media) , Gabriele Chiti (Banco BPM); Elena Braccini (how to create a brand).
The following schedule as shown below may be subject to change depending on the availability of some speakers. Changes in lesson topics will be communicated in advance.

Guests of this academic year 2019-2020 will be:

Angelomaria Alessio, Director of Artisacrenews
Alessandro Sorani, president of Confartigianato, communication expert Massimo Ruffilli, architect, professor of industrial design Univ. of Florence Marco Casini, notary public, copyright expert
Paolo Penko, jeweller in Florence
Antonio Fara, architect, expert in installations for works of art
Igor Silvi, Director of the Compagnia delle Opere Toscana
Filippo Rossi, Coordinator of the Diocesan Office of Sacred Art
Francesco Improta, entrepreneur, owner of FARS
Gianmarco Barluzzi, webdesigner, founder of TAAK
Marzio Bonferroni, communication entrepreneur.