Lecturer in Theology of the Body

Maria Teresa Russo is associate professor of Moral Philosophy and Bioethics at the University Roma Tre and teaches Anthropology at the University Campus Bio-medico in Rome. She is editor-in-chief of the magazine “MEDIC. Teaching methodology and clinical innovation”, which aims at being a space for dialogue among human sciences, technology and biomedical sciences.

Her research focuses on themes of anthropology of the body, health and contemporary Spanish philosophy.

Among her publications: The Dialogue Between Medical Doctors And Bioethicists: Rethinking Experience To Improve Medical Education (2016); La buona medicina sintesi di prudenza e sollecitudine: una riflessione a partire da Paul Ricoeur (2015); Invito al ben-essere. Lineamenti di etica (2015); Corporeità e relazione in José Ortega y Gasset e Julián Marías (2013); Etica del corpo tra medicina ed estetica (2008); La ferita di Chirone. Itinerari di antropologia ed etica in medicina (2006); Corpo, salute, cura. Linee di antropologia biomedica (2004).

Philosophy and Theology of the Body Program

The course aims at offering some interpretative keys to the artistic representation of the body, retracing the contribution that contemporary philosophy has made to the different dimensions of the body (lived body, vulnerable body, sexual body, foreign body), analyzing the vision of corporeality elaborated by Karol Wojtyla-Giovanni Paul II in his texts about theological anthropology.