Giorgio Fozzati

This cycle of lessons aims to provide students with the tools to enter the heart of Christian life, far from stereotypes, deepening some of the themes more closely connected with figurative art.


The programme (20 hours)
  1. Letter to the artists (s. John Paul II) – Creation. The artist: co-creator of Beauty.
  2. The historicity of the Gospels: the birth of Christ. The Star comet.
  3. The historicity of the Gospels: 30 ordinary years
  4. The historicity of the Gospels: 18 years of hidden life
  5. The historicity of the Gospels: the death of Christ and his Resurrection.
  6. The great orders: San Benedetto (480), San Domenico (1170),
  7. San Francesco (1181)
  8. Saints of the 20th century: Massimiliano kolbe; Piergiorgio Frassati; Gianna Beretta Molla; Maria Goretti; Giuseppe Tovini; Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton; André Bessette;
  9. Death, judgment, hell, purgatory and paradise: representations in art.
  10. The heresies (part I): adoptionism; Arianism; docetism; agnosticism; Catharism; Fidelism; Modernism.
  11. The heresies (part II): iconoclasts; nestorianism; pelagianism; I Santuari;
  12. Simulacri: the Holy Shroud. The Holy Face of Manoppello; the veil of Veronica.
  13. Angels and devils
  14. Original sin. Sins: enmity with God. Mercy.
  15. The animals in the Bible.
  16. The Eucharist: transubstantiation, real presence, communion.
  17. The miracle
Recommended Bibliography:
letter of Saint John Paul to the artists
Joseph Ratzinger: Jesus of Nazareth
Paolo rumiz: “The infinite thread”
Ratzinger: The Spirit of the Liturgy

Lesson 7

Lesson 10

Lesson 13

Giorgio Fozzati

Giorgio Fozzati