Drawing Instructor

Fernando Cidoncha graduated in Human Sciences from the University of Navarre, where he also graduated in Philosophical and Artistic Studies. In 2012, he began his master’s degree in Artistic Research at the University of Granada and, in the same year, he moved to Florence to study at the Sacred Art School, gaining a specialization diploma in Sculpture. He is the instructor of the Drawing class and a member of the Sacred Art School’s board of directors.

Drawing Program

Since drawing is the basis for artistic activity, the Sacred Art School places particular emphasis on training and developing students’ knowledge and skills in the field of academic drawing. During the drawing course you work with cast and figure. The cast is a simplified, monochromatic form of plaster (usually reproductions of classical sculptures) that helps the student to find similar forms in nature. The sight-size method allows the student to develop the accuracy of the drawing, through the precision of proportions and tone.

The figure

The figure is at the center of the program. The student must take into account three main elements when examining the live model: proportion, gesture and tone. To obtain these elements, the student must approach the drawing in two ways: linearly, by which he draws precisely the contour line and the shadow, or mass, obtained by comparing the forms of light and the forms of shadow. While the drawing progresses from a simple line of shadow or mass, he uses his knowledge of anatomy to give the figure a sense of weight and balance. Students, during their free time, are encouraged to experiment with different materials and techniques, and to make different “mastercopies” and “Bargue drawings”. In addition, during the second year, they will have the opportunity to work on the portrait from life and still life.


The aim of the program is to develop the students’ skills through traditional training and practice, using the same methods that have been used to teach many of the great masters of the past. At the same time, the individual strength and artistic interpretation of each student is stimulated; so that the student can emerge as a prepared and self-confident artist.