Docente di Liturgia

Doctor in Sacred Scripture teaches as a stable professor at the Theological Faculty of Central Italy. He is parish priest of two small communities on the Florentine hills.

He has published several volumes and several scientific articles in particular on the Pauline writings. For years he has also accompanied groups of pilgrims and scholars in the Holy Land as a historical-biblical guide and spiritual guide.

Liturgy program

The liturgy is the work of the Trinity, who comes to mankind in sensitive signs, so that every persone can enter into communion with God. We will therefore investigate this dual dynamic, ascending and descending, through the study of the theological meaning of liturgical signs and places.

The cross, the altar, the light, etc. are not only objects that must be present in a place so that it can be defined as church, but they are the epiphany of the divine and therefore must be investigated in their theological meaning. The artist is called to realize with his own creativity the elements that speak of God to those who enter in the sacred space; for this reason he must know the grammar of the liturgy and the meaning of these elements.