Lecturer in Liturgy

He was awarded a medical degree from the University of Verona in 2003. He earned a PhD in Liturgical Theology in 2013 from the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, where he still carries out his research and teaching activities. He is especially interested in liturgical theology of the Sacraments. He recently published, along with Prof. Gutiérrez Martín, the volume Liturgy. An introduction.

Liturgy program

Liturgy is the work of the Trinity which reaches out to mankind through sensitive signs, so that mankind may enter into communion with God. We will therefore investigate this double dynamic, ascending and descending, through the study of the theological meaning of liturgical signs and places.

The cross, the altar, the light, etc. are not only objects that must be present in a place for it to be defined as church, but they are the epiphany of the divine and therefore we must investigate their theological meaning. The artist is called to create with his own creativity the elements that speak about God to those who stay in the sacred space; for this reason he must know the grammar of the liturgy and the meaning of these elements.