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Relevant Radio talks about the Sacred Art School

The Sacred Art School Firenze told by Fernando Cidoncha at the American radio station Relevant Radio. Relavant Radio is the largest Catholic radio network based on its own stations. The broadcast aired on the morning of March 7, 2020 and was listened to by about 2 million people. More details on Relavant Radio’s website

Dear students

Dear students, the situation we are going through is challenging Italy as well as the world, without exception of the Sacred Art School Firenze. In this respect, you can find all updates about law and health measures on the official websites of the Governo Italiano, the Protezione Civile and the Regione Toscana1. In order to help […]

“Medal of Stenone 2019” awarding.

Liturgical memory of Blessed Niccolò Stenone Anatomist Geologist Bishop(Copenhagen 1638 – Schwerin 1686) PROGRAM Holy Mass Thursday, December 5, 2019 | 18:00 hours Concelebration chaired bymons. Marco Domenico Viola Prize “Medal of Stenone 2019” Prof. Francesco Paganini and students of the School of Sacred Art of Florence Doct. ssa Fulvia Zeuli Mons. Timothy Verdon P. […]

Assemblea dei Soci: Risultati Positivi e cambi nel Consiglio

Per la prima volta l’Assemblea dei soci dell’Associazione Scuola di Arte Sacra Firenze ONLUS il 4 aprile scorso ha approvato un risultato positivo, dopo i difficili anni di avvio, con un bilancio 2018 chiuso con un utile di 1.823,33 euro che l’Assemblea ha approvato insieme al rinnovo del Consiglio Direttivo. Il Direttore ha esposto ai […]

The Four Canons of Composition

The full course of 6 sessions will start on December 10th For more information visit the course page   Nature is a resplendent composition and all compositions have a foundation in the Creation. Even the most invented composition has a correlation somewhere in the cosmos. By looking at the creation of the cosmos we will […]