GETSEMANI - Sofia Novelli - 2016

Dear students

Dear students, 
the situation we are going through is challenging Italy as well as the world, without exception of the Sacred Art School Firenze. In this respect, you can find all updates about law and health measures on the official websites of the Governo Italiano, the Protezione Civile and the Regione Toscana1. In order to help resolve the emergency faster, please make sure to follow the precautionary standards carefully, but with a positive attitude. Indeed, this time asks us for a new way of living a normal life, though temporarily.

This letter, however, does not aim to overlap the technical directions given by the Government or by experts. We would like instead to share with you some reflections on what sense the current events can make for us, as a School community.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading during Lent, the liturgical time when Christians focus on questions like who are we for God, who is God for us, what are the true values of life, what is the meaning of all we do during our existence.

The fact we cannot meet at School, for now, is obviously a problem. But, if we want, we can convert the problem to an opportunity, for us as well as for our neighbour. This can happen in the wake of the great questions of Lent, by getting a better understanding of the reasons why we chose the Sacred Art School for doing our part in this world, for being its salt and light, for leaving our mark on the ways of the earth. 

Lent teaches us that the path of Calvary brings, through the Cross, to Resurrection. Thus, the School looks forward because every crisis is to end somehow, but it can also be the opportunity to strengthen what we built on rock. Let us set more solidly then, with more self-awareness, on the mystery why the good Lord brought us to life here and now, and why He presented us with the School. 

Ask yourself how you can practise art despite necessarily at home, how you can keep your creativity alive, how you can better go along the path you wish. Let us ask ourselves what we need as men and women approaching the world of sacred art and culture, and what the world lacks when it seeks Truth too often without finding it. Finally, how can the School help you answer all that? 
Meanwhile we will be keeping in touch thanks to a new mean of “experimental education”, by providing you with online classes both pre-recorded and live. Anyway, all teachers will be available via telephone and the internet. Do not hesitate to contact them for every need: the Sacred Art School keeps being your reference point. 

We express our solidarity to ill people, to the victims’ families and to health workers. We are grateful to the School staff, who allows us to manage the current situation. We ask all believers to pray for the people involved in the events, but also and more to pray for our School community. Let us get prepared this way for the Resurrection of Christ, and for restarting our normal activities. They are so important for Mankind, at the quest for the sacred dimension of life. 

We wish you and your beloved ones all the best, looking forward to seeing you soon. 
Sincerely, Nacho